In January 2013, Boston declared a health emergency because of the massive influx of flu sufferers into its ER’s. Many of the people seeking aid and relief were dehydrated, as well as experiencing flu symptoms, and many had already received the flu shot.

The flu shot is not a guarantee against contracting the flu. It only gives you a 60% chance that you will be protected from it. As time goes on, the virus mutates and may become a strain that you are not protected from...

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Acupuncture is part of the larger practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves the placement of hair thin, filiform needles that are placed at various points around the body to help induce healing. The needles are inserted at special acupuncture points, which are located along 20 - meridian energy channels (subtle electromagnetic lines) that flow through the limbs, organs, and spinal regions of the body. These meridians carry the "chi" to all regions of the body, keeping them supplied with the electromagnetic energy they need to be healthy and strong...

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