ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENTS: $95  Acupuncture treatments last anywhere from 45 to 55 minutes and are very relaxing. They are done on a massage table, and you remain as clothed as possible.  I usually work on the back and on the front of the body in each session.   If any other modalities seem appropriate, I'll will discuss this with you at the time of treatment. Chosen points are based upon assessment, information given by you, and tongue and pulse diagnosis. Sensitivity to needles is always taken into consideration.


Many of you may not know that you can use acupuncture to tone your skin!  I have advanced training in Constitutional Facial Renewal, a specialized method that uses acupuncture, face reading, and complementary techniques for softening the appearance of fine lines, increasing circulation to the skin, increasing collagen and elastin production, lifting droopy areas, and enlivening the luster of your complexion. It is extremely relaxing, and feels like no other acupuncture or facial treatment.  I have added to the Constitutional Renewal protocol to provide what I feel is an even more complete restorative healing experience.

Included in an Ageless Facial Rejuvenation session:

Constitutional Acupuncture Treatment (also addressing any complaints you may have)

Specialized Facial Needle Application

Ayurvedic Beauty Marma Therapy (acupressure head and face treatment)

Hot Herbal Compress

Skin toning herbal aloe mask

Tuning fork balancing 

(Please note that insurance does not cover acupuncture facial rejuvenation.)

AYURVEDA EDUCATION SESSIONS FOLLOWED BY ACUPUNCTURE $150 Ayurveda consults involve an in-depth interview with the client.  I take your pulse and look at your tongue.  From the pulse, your constitution and imbalances in it may be assessed. We can then discuss reasonable options for improving lifestyle, and the possibility of herbal and dietary supplementation.  Sessions are 75-90 mins and cost $150.

 (Please be aware that unlike Acupuncture, Ayurveda is not a state licensed practice and is for educational purposes only.)


PAYMENT METHODS: Payment methods accepted include all major credit cards, local checks, and cash.