What keeps you from feeling your vitality? More often than not, we have plenty of vitality, but aren’t experiencing it. Instead, we feel bogged down, foggy headed, upset, overwhelmed, or stressed out. Sometimes, the vitality we actually do have is obstructed by our circumstances, thoughts, beliefs, attachments, aversions, and stored feelings. These things all drain our vital energy leaving us fatigued and with a sense that something is just off. We start modifying our diets, taking supplements, or looking someplace outside ourselves for answers. In these sessions, we will go to your own body and mind for the answers.

In each session, you are encouraged to share your experience, and where you feel “stuck.” We will then work with this energetic, and tune into the body to see how it is being held, where, and what can be done to resolve it. Using energy work, breathing, and guided visualization, we will work toward unlocking the knotted pattern and freeing your inherent vital energy. This way, instead of feeding the stuck pattern, your vitality can be felt, and used in a way that you choose, like toward a goal or feeling whole and calm.

Vitality is often thought of as something we can create or buy and ingest as a food or supplement. It is perceived as being increased by exercise or meditation. These things may be true, and recommended, but I see vitality as something that can also be obscured by a shroud of false or limiting likes or dislikes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, or energy patterns. We can seek to bring awareness to these patterns or knots in the body/mind complex, and in doing so not only learn from them, but free ourselves of them, thereby freeing our vitality.

These sessions may be done in person or at a distance through Skype or Zoom.


Formerly an Ayurveda consult, Mindful Living Sessions incorporate the wisdom of Living Traditional Medicines like Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine with the timeless insight of Yoga philosophy and energy medicine. Weaving together these traditions with over 20 years of experience in the "alternative" healing arts, Bridgette will assess your unique body/mind type and offer insight as to how you can better improve your overall experience and sense of well being.

These sessions involve an in-depth interview with the client, and recommendations are offered as to which practices and choices may be best to bring balance. These may include tweaks to one's schedule, dietary habits, other habits, breath work, meditation, asana practice, visualization, transformational bodywork, and perceptual shifting. Methods of assessment include questioning, listening, observation, tongue and pulse diagnosis, and intuitive awareness.  We discuss reasonable options for improving lifestyle, and the possibility of herbal and dietary supplementation. Sessions may be conducted at a distance or in person. If in person, acupuncture may be added on. 


Formerly Ageless Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, in this session we will focus on total relaxation. This is a face up acupuncture treatment that, in addition to addressing any current complaints, treats the head and face. Since all the meridians traverse the face and head, placing special emphasis on this area helps to balance mind and body while providing the added benefits of some additional nurturing.

The session begins with a full body acupuncture treatment. Needles are placed on the limbs and potentially also the abdomen. After these points are inserted, you receive a very relaxing face and head acupressure protocol, followed by a warm herb infused compress. The remnants of this are gently wiped away with a moist cloth and the face, head, and ears are treated. A taste of sound therapy follows with a gentle acutonics tuning fork experience. 

After this, the needles are removed and the qi and fluids of the face cooled and circulated with jade rollers that are complimentary with your first session. An appropriate oil based upon the time of year and your constitution is then applied with a little energy medicine TLC.  


Acupuncture treatments are 45-60 minutes and are very relaxing. They are done on a massage table, and you remain as clothed as possible. Chosen points are based upon assessment, information given by you, and tongue and pulse diagnosis. Sensitivity to needles is always taken into consideration. Please note, if you feel you will need more time, or sense that we will engage in more lengthy discussion involving diet and lifestyle prior to your treatment, consider booking the mindful living session above.


Payment methods accepted include all major credit cards, local checks, and cash.

(Please be aware that the Vitality and Mindful Living sessions are not state licensed practices, are not intended to diagnose or treat any illness, and are for educational purposes only.)